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6th November
written by Adam

In the distant town of Nome Alaska Dr. Abbey Tyler (Milla Jovovich) is a psychologist who discovers a pattern of similarities in patients having trouble sleeping at night. Upon further investigation it appears extraterrestrial involvement is likely the cause of the sleeplessness. More questions than answers quickly start forming, believers and nonbelievers are pitted against each other but more importantly will Tyler be able to protect herself and family from these close encounters? the_fourth_kind_poster Written and shot to look like a documentary/reenactment of actual events, the film makes for a convincing new brand of pseudo-reality horror. Decent acting lends to this illusion and unconventional editing provides for some good jump in your seat, exorcist scare type moments. Sadly the film loses steam towards the end but does make for good conversation asking the question “what if?” Maybe worth a matinee but feels more like a rental. The Fourth Kind is rated PG-13.

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