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4th August
written by Adam

Single mom Karla (Halle Berry) is in a custody battle for her young son, Frankie (Sage Correa); meanwhile, a mysterious duo of kidnappers has plans of their own for Frankie. Pushed to her limits Karla will stop at nothing to retrieve her son; but, will her best be good enough?Directed by Luis Preto and Written by Knate Lee this 94 minute minivan car chase aims for high speed thrills and cheap suspenseful spills in what appears to be one of the flattest and most boneheaded stories of 2017. Heavily deploying the editing monsters to create tension out of nothing and cranking the score louder, faster, and with more intensity to drive the film off a proverbial cliff. Merciful in its brevity, pass. Kidnap is rated R.

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