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4th August
written by Adam

Fifty years since the Detroit Rebellions the details behind the murders of three young African American men at the Algiers Motel remains largely unknown. Recounting the events in brutal detail based on the testimonies of those who were there, this is their story. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow and written by Mark Boal this racially charged history piece shines the light of examination on what is clearly a dark and disappointing moment for Detroit, but also calls to question even more recent events in U.S. history. With a powerhouse ensemble including John Boyega, Algee Smith, Jason Mitchell, Will Poulter, and Anthony Mackie to name a few, Bigelow creates an unforgettable piece that squarely places her combat boot on the throat of the viewer, driving her points of racial inequality and abuse of power only letting up after over two hours and twenty minutes, a welcome that does feel overstayed in the last act. Regardless, the pedigree remains high. Detroit is rated R.

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