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6th October
written by Adam

In the year 2049 an agent with the LAPD, K (Ryan Gosling), is tasked with tracking down and “retiring” old rogue models of Replicants, humanoid slave bots. But, when a long buried secret is unearthed on the job, K finds himself thrust into a much larger pinwheel of chaos– a battle that could blow society to shambles. Directed by Denis Villeneuve with cinematography by Roger Deakins and scoring by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch the collective powerhouse of sheer talent involved in this film is already only available in prescription strength; but, coupled with a well thought out screenplay by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green, the 30 year wait for a followup to the original Blade Runner is quickly paid off. A full sensory overload and thoughtful experience, Villeneuve hypnotically takes the time to develop rich themes from Philip K. Dick’s original source material to the point audiences may not even notice the runtime of two hours and forty three minutes (to that point skip the 32oz soda before the show). Meanwhile the acting prowess by the entire ensemble sits on top of the pile as we quickly finish out the rest of this year. Blade Runner 2049 serves as a great reminder that well done Sci-Fi films have the potential to change the way we see our own world. Picking out the heavy weights for the weekend, you’re picking out Blade Runner 2049, rated R.

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