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20th November
written by Adam

Based on the true ugly duckling story of a giant underprivledged teen from the wrong side of town The Blind Side details the life of Baltimore Ravens’s offensive tackle Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron). At 17 Oher was poised for failure until a chance meeting with Leigh Anne Touhy (Sandra Bullock). With a lot of love a little attitude Leigh Anne, husband Sean (Tim McGraw), son S.J. (Jae Head), and daughter Collins (Lily Collins) Oher is given the chance to rise above the obstacles in his life and elevate to amazing heights. The-Blind-Side-poster A decent enough script serves nicely for Bullock to exercise her acting abilities, something we’ve been missing from her for some time. However, the film does come across a bit heavy handed in it’s message and seriously cliche in several disgustingly sappy moments. The film could also stand to loose some length, with a run time currently just over two hours, more editing might help pick up the lumbering pace and keep things moving. Maybe a matinee but more likely best as a rental later. The Blind Side is rated PG-13.

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