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5th January
written by Adam

Supernaturalist and Parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) is called back to her childhood house in Five Keys New Mexico on the request of the new homeowner, Ted (Kirk Acevedo). Tormented by the multiple spirits in the house Ted is looking for any help he can get, but, returning to the house for Elise will mean re-opening old wounds, re-discovering her past, and digging deeper into her abilities than ever expected. Can life be set straight in this house of horrors? Directed by Adam Robitel and Written by Leigh Whannell, the now established formula to this dark ride franchise continues to jump through the same expected hoops offering sufficient pulp but little overall sustenance for a healthy horror diet. Offerings of telegraphed jump scares and the now standard dark framings deliver cheap thrills up front but leave audiences wanting more meat on the bone for a truly terrorizing experience; it is evident that quite a bit of developmental material has been cut from the final print leaving a few questions along the way, with a runtime a few ticks shy of two hours one supposes darlings had to be killed, so it goes. Certainly not the top of the Insidious pile, but not the bottom either, Insidious: The Last Key is rated PG-13.

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