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25th December
written by Adam

Successful single mother and self made woman, Jane (Meryl Streep), is about to send her final daughter off to college when ex-husband, Jake (Alec Baldwin), steps back into the picture. Troubled in his new a relationship to a much younger woman, Jake finds comfort and familiarity with Jane, before long the two are involved in an affair that has both giddy. Adding to the complexity of things though is Adam (Steve Martin), a recently single architect, and perfect guy for Jane. But who will win who’s heart, and what will all the grown kids think of this?complicated Sappy and predictable this paint by numbers romantic comedy brings little to the table to impress audiences. Admittedly Streep, Baldwin, and Martin’s acting chops help elevate the script a little but not enough to make the film memorable. John Krasinski’s performance as Harley, a soon to be son in law, adds some overall flavour as well but does little to challenge Krasinski in his abilities either. Maybe worthy as a rental on DVD for a date night, but I wouldn’t. It’s Complicated is rated R.

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