Edge of Darkness

Detective Ron Craven (Mel Gibson) finds himself in the middle of a political cover up when his seemingly innocent daughter Emma (Bojana Novakovic) is gunned down on his front porch.  Unwilling to let the issue rest, Craven begins digging deeper into the mysterious death; but, more questions than answers are raised when the enigmatic Darius Jedburgh (Ray Winstone)appears to shed some light on the situation. Driven by a love for his daughter and a reckless attitude, just how far will Craven go to solve this tangled mess and what will be the ultimate cost? edge_of_darkness_poster Based on the 1985 BBC mini series of the same name this suspense thriller takes a while to get going, and, even once it’s in motion still feels a little sluggish in its unraveling. Regardless, solid acting from all involved certainly helps to drive the film. A few softer scenes with Gibson and his daughter as a young girl come across as particularly genuine, which is nice in that it gives the audience a chance to breathe for a moment. A particularly high body count to the film may be a bit much for some, although this shouldn’t come across as a surprise since one of the lead writers of the screenplay also happens to be William Monahan, the same writer who brought us The Departed. Matinee worthy, Edge of Darkness is rated R.