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16th March
written by Adam

Following the last days of the former Soviet dictator, Stalin (Adrian McLoughlin), the political angling of Nikita Khrushchev (Steve Buscemi), Lavrenti Beria (Simon Russell Beale), and the rest of the Soviet comrade cabinet, this look into chaos as the players all struggle to save their own hides is ripe for truth and satire, this is their story. Directed and partially written by Armando Iannucci, this semi “Drunk History” take on Soviet history is so full of absolutely horrific goings on and wry/dry gallows humor, it’s about the only way anyone with a stomach might make it through the lesson without feeling totally ill. Furthermore, the wildly talented ensemble work as a well oiled locomotive, delivering the insanity and awe blow by blow, this really is a schadenfreude romp of epic proportions. The main criticism being, target market? Where or who is the audience for this film, mass appeal seems a tough reach. But, then again, perhaps this is a setup for the film that’s being written about the U.S. and its current administration? Tough call. Bottom line, students of history, get thee to this film lest ye repeat its blackened actions yourself. The Death of Stalin is rated R.

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