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20th July
written by Adam

Former CIA operative Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) leads a life of seclusion with no trace of his violent past; but, as any man with a heart of gold, uses his talents as a killer to right the wrongs of the less fortunate or those in need of help. In this case, when McCall’s former boss and only friend, Susan (Melissa Leo), is killed during an investigation abroad, it’s time for the equalizer to do his thing, Spec. Ops killers around the world don’t stand a chance.Directed by Antoine Fuqua and written by Richard Wenk and Michael Sloan this amalgamation of Washington’s greatest hits doesn’t maintain an entirely even pace throughout, long lulls are met with fury. But, there’s something to be said about that fury, when it’s action time, the artful eye of Fuqua stages some brilliantly violent and satisfying action sequences; meanwhile, sharp cinematography works effortlessly to draw the viewer in deeper without distracting from itself. A bit preachy/father bearing at times with its message, one begins to recount dialogue from Fences (2016) for comparison, this is hardly a sin, but rather, Washington doing what he’s developed a knack for, delivering a message with meaning in a way you won’t easily forget. Fans of action you’ve got a pick for the week, even though it’s typical in every other way, for the rest, consider this a strong candidate for rental later. The Equalizer 2 is rated R.

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