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17th August
written by Adam

A super secret military tactical unit run by the U.S. government find themselves in a particularly sticky situation as one of their informants, Li Noor (Iko Uwais), appears to know a lot more than he should for his own good; requesting extraction from his country and asylum from his own goverment, Noor could be the key to saving the world from a total meltdown on the nuclear front. Now it’s up to Jimmy Silva (Mark Wahlberg) and the rest of his team to protect Noor, and get him literally 22 miles down the road to catch a cargo plane to safety. Written by Lee Carpenter and directed by Peter Berg this late summer hammer smasher is out to jolt audiences with impressive fight sequences and death defying action, just one problem, editing. For all of its plot twists and turns, punches and kicks thrown, knives dodged, and bullets missed, the haphazard and analeptic cutting and re-pasting of scenes makes the overall experience hard to track and a bit exhausting. Meanwhile, for better or worse, the reasonably well obscured story line does manage to keep the audience guessing right up to the bitter end. So, while Wahlberg is delivering the goods pound for pound, it’s too bad you wouldn’t really know it. Bummer, perhaps worth your time as a rental later, just be wary of the super loud foley on your home speakers. Mile 22 is rated R. Say hello to your mother for me…

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