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31st August
written by Adam

Annie (Rose Byrne) is a museum curator for a small English coastal town, she also happens to be in a long term relationship with Duncan (Chris O’Dowd), a college professor with an obsession for cult rocker Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke), the obscure and mysterious artist who vanished into the wilds of America just as he was reaching his peak over 20 years ago. Strained and split, Annie and Duncan find more to argue over when Annie finds herself face to face with the elusive Tucker Crowe. Second chances in life for all, but not all will be redeemed, where exactly will the pieces fall?Based on Nick Hornby’s novel, with screenplay by Evgenia Peretz, Jim Taylor, and Tamara Jenkins and Directed by Jesse Peretz this endearing semi-romantic comedy does a fine job allowing the ensemble to play to their strengths, Byrne’s honesty and pure likability, O’Dowd’s ability to conjure the awkward and self absorbed buffoon, and Hawke’s middle-aged rockstar sensibilities. Simple in its overall construction Juliet, Naked sits in the category of plausible and earnest storytelling; and, while it’s not about high zany laugh counts, the film is more about spending an hour and forty five minutes with several flawed but fun and interesting characters– success. Worthy of a matinee or perhaps waiting for that winter snuggle up and feel good type flick, you’ve got a match. Juliet, Naked is rated R.

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