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31st August
written by Adam

In the years following WWII, Nazi officers who fled Germany after the war were often tracked down and forced to stand trial for their crimes against humanity; one of the most elusive was Adolph Eichmann (Ben Kingsley), the Architect of the Final Solution. When the Israeli government learned of Eichmann’s whereabouts in the early 60’s, a task force of special agents led by Peter Malkin (Oscar Isaac) was assembled to bring him in; a task that would require an extraction from Argentina, a hostile territory and hotbed of post war Nazi sympathizers. Based on actual events, it’s a Mission Impossible that’s almost stranger than fiction, this is that story. Written by Matthew Orton and Directed by Chris Weitz this Argo-esque dramatic thriller finds itself strapped between history lesson and action film, but doesn’t fully embrace either genre; end result a bit underserving for those looking for either. Regardless, Isaac and Kingsley step each other’s game up exquisitely making for a number of great exchanges; the rest of the ensemble handle their parts aptly as well without a sour grape in the bunch. Score by Alexandre Desplat also manages to add richness and flavor by faithfully blending cultures and melodies with well chosen instrumentation adding further spirit. Worthy of your time as at least a Matinee, Operation Finale is rated PG-13.

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