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7th September
written by Adam

Having watched her entire family slaughtered by a hispanic gang Riley North (Jennifer Garner) breaks bad to become a lethal weapon with a mind set on revenge; a death wish mission to destroy the people and system responsible for her loss. Blood spattered, Riley’s luck will only run so long, just how far will she get before her targets and law enforcement catch up with her instead? Written by Chad St. John and Directed by Pierre Morel this bloodbath of a revenge flick heralds Garner’s return to action, which on paper sounds rather interesting, that is until we’re doused in cheese whiz, laughably bad dialogue, tired plot devices, and heavily stereotyped and inept villains. Yawn. Easily forgotten in the barrel scraping action of the summertime dregs, not even heavily dosed brutality seems capable of lodging a foothold in this shoulder shrugging 102 minutes of guns blasting and fists flying. Try again Jen, you’ve still got the legs and wits to carry something like this, but, next time lets aim for stronger story content. Peppermint is rated R.

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