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30th November
written by Adam

It’s Christmas time in the small town of Little Haven, the trees are frocked, the tinsel is tinseling, and the dead are walking…Wait, what? That’s right, it’s a zombie apocalypse, and, young Anna (Ella Hunt) and her friends find themselves in the unfortunate position of slaying, braining, mauling, and goring the ensuing onslaught of undead all the while performing to the aesthetic of a High School musical. Let the feast begin. Written by Alan McDonald and Ryan McHenry, and Directed by John McPhail, this nutty Scottish work has a certain, don’t blink or you’ll miss it quality, combining simple zombie tropes with solid song writing to make for a breezy send up of the standard horror genre. With a clearly talented young ensemble, all parts seem in place for a new bloody spot next to your elf on a shelf. Nit picking, the makeup and FX aren’t top tier, but the sheer amount of spatter and splatter balanced with quippy one liners is enough to keep the cursory zombie fan enthused; and, clocking in with a swift 97 minute runtime, welcomes are clearly not overstayed. Quick down and dirty, it’s escapism for the holidays, although, a bit dated for the Glee and Zombie craze, relax, it’s okay to just have fun. Anna and the Apocalypse is rated R.

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