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21st December
written by Adam

The year is 1987 and while on the run from the Decepticons, Autobot Bumblebee finds himself hiding in a small Californian beach town junkyard. Discovered by a clever young mechanic, Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), the two offer each other friendship, protection, and healing. But, when Shatter and Dropkick (Angela Bassett and Justin Theroux) arrive it could be game over, preventing earth’s demise and Decepticon rule becomes the new objective. Autobots Roll OUT!

Written by Christina Hodson and Directed by Travis Knight this soft reboot of a the Transformers franchise provides an interesting mix of comedy, action, and heart but often seems absent of a brain as many of the film’s driving plot points require basic logic disabled in the mind, that aside, the focus on family and heart touching emotions feel much more akin to the world of Spielberg as opposed to the world of Michael Bay (who serves as a producer on the film). Furthermore, comedic beats from John Cena as Agent Burns add the necessary chuckle to help keep levity on the level. Plus with a runtime just under two hours, this transformer flick seems mercifully short in comparison to all of its predecessors, so there’s that relief. Fun! Bumblebee is rated PG-13.

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