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15th February
written by Adam

Disenchanted by love, Natalie (Rebel Wilson), finds herself trapped in what appears to be a PG-13 musical romantic comedy, the lesser known ring of hell in Dante’s Inferno. How to make sense of it all, and, getting herself back on par will take extra effort in order to find a happy ending.

Isn't It Romantic

Directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson, and written by Erin Cardillo, Dana Fox, and Kate Silberman, this light hearted send up of all things romantic comedy deconstructs all that is ridiculous and hilarious about the genre, essentially the anti rom-com that conveniently turns into a rom-com, and that’s okay. Is this high brow cinema, not a chance, sometimes cheap thrills really are just what the doctor ordered; to that end, Wilson and co-stars Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine, and Priyanka Chopra, are delightfully quirky, disarming, and charismatic. Simple fun date material that everyone can enjoy, Isn’t It Romantic is rated PG-13.

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