Documenting what appears to be a year in the life of Antarctic Penguins, this is the anthropomorphized story of Steve, voiced by Ed Helms, a penguin looking to live his #bestpenguinlife, find a girl, settle down, have some kids, and become “the man,” in a good way. But, life on the ice and in the sea isn’t easy and certainly not very forgiving, keeping his family together will take more grit he could ever imagine. Directed by Alastair Fothergill and Jeff Wilson with story by David Fowler this “documentary,” while not hard hitting certainly does manage to contain enough educational strength to inform even the hardest of critics. More impressive yet, the footage and commitment to capturing this waddle up close and personal provides for some absolutely stunning cinematography and truly awe inspiring moments. So, while not exactly “David Attenborough” in caliber for its cognitive qualities, the overall charm makes for a breezy 76 minute watch that kids of all ages will still enjoy. Penguins is rated G.