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3rd July
written by Adam

A group of college grad students travel to a remote Swedish village to visit the town’s fabled mid-summer festival known as Midsommar. But, simple pageantry turns to pagan nightmares and ridiculously violent competition in the circle of life, this can’t and won’t end well. Directed and Written by Ari Aster, this slow burning creepshow takes its full two hours and twenty minutes to torture and asphyxiate the audience into a midsommar stupor. And, while we’re spoon fed the entire plotting of events in Pagan/Medieval screens on the outset, the actual events that lead to the film’s final and inevitable conclusion are nothing shy of horrifically memorable. Beautiful in its cinematography and calculated scoring, hand wringing and cringe worthy moments wreak throughout, this rune-tastic cautionary tale of woe somehow also seems to have a hint of possibility, equally frightening. Positive marks to the entire ensemble, this art-house unsettler is sure to cast its spell on the unsuspecting. You’ve been warned. Midsommar is rated R…..for good reason.

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