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19th July
written by Adam

A Chinese family learns that their matriarch, Nai Nai (Shuzhen Zhao), is terminally ill; but, instead of informing her of her condition, the decision is made to instead keep things a secret, thus allowing Nai Nai to blissfully live out her days surrounded by family in peace. Most challenged by the secrecy is granddaughter Billi (Awkwafina), split by the traditions of the East and her upbringing in the West, coming to terms with the whole scenario will not be easy. Written and Directed by Lulu Wang, this endearing tale of family, culture, and interpersonal conflict ultimately digs to the core of love and the struggles and sacrifices we all can go through to protect the ones we love, even to the point of near shotgun weddings and bad karaoke. Splashed with universal comedy and strong deliveries from the entire ensemble, Wang’s knack for telling heartfelt and honest stories rings loud and charms us from start to finish in this brief 98 minute examination of a cross-cultural divide that’s ripe for the picking. Deep tissue massage for the soul (with cupping), the Farewell is rated PG.

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