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9th August
written by Adam

The dreams of Brian Banks (Aldis Hodge), a high school student slated to play football for USC on a full ride scholarship and already showing strong NFL potential are shattered when he’s wrongfully accused and convicted of rape. Now, struggling for employment and hounded by his parole officer, it will take his intelligence, eternal optimism, and tenacity to overturn his conviction and reach for the stars. Directed by Tom Shadyac and Written by Doug Atchison, this story based on true events is a mixed bag of critical remark. For Director Shadyac, the film’s appeal is quite apparent in light of his own mission to use his super powers for good making the world a better place, work similar to the pro-bono efforts of real life lawyer Justin Brooks working to exonerate the wrongfully convicted. And, positive notes to the film’s lead, Hodge, who’s herculean efforts to portray a decade of Banks’ life are earnest and real. However, despite the film’s best intentions, the story’s one note tonality and on the nose messaging makes for a bit too much schmaltz and plays out more like a made for TV movie, more depth please. Waiting for this on the small screen is in the best interest of your wallet this go round. Brian Banks is rated PG-13.

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