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16th August
written by Adam

On the cusp of becoming teenagers three lifelong friends ditch school in a semi prepubescent musketeer adventure whilst carrying illegal drugs, running from teenage girls, and trying to find their way to a much anticipated consensual kissing party. Will the Beanbag Boys endure or will 6th grade pull them apart? Directed by Gene Stupnitsky and co-written by Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg this irreverent comedy comes in the form of essentially three stale-ish joke models being told and re-told, which, while not entirely effective, does manage to land a handful of chuckles; specifically, jokes centered around the naivety of youth and misunderstanding of modern colloquialisms. But, in terms of comedy freshness, the born on date here appears to be a bit underdeveloped. Still, the film’s three leads, Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, and Brady Noon, manage to carry the weight of higher expectations just fine with extra charisma and nutty chemistry in this brief 89 minute romp. Maybe a matinee, but just fine as a rental later, Good Boys is rated R.

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