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15th November
written by Adam

A talented programmer and developer, Elena (Naomi Scott), discovers she’s accidentally created a weaponizable feature to an otherwise earth saving technology. When the criminal world catches wind of this new “tech,” it’s an arms race that can only be stopped by a secret elite group of highly trained tactical female operatives, the Angels. But, consistently one step behind the bad guys, have Angels Jane, Sabina, and Bosley (Ella Balinska, Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Banks) met their match?Directed and Co-written by Elizabeth Banks this all out adrenaline rush to the end is a semi re-boot to the the franchise well known for it’s female empowerment and can do attitude, successfully bringing the sass, action, and fun to the playing field largely dominated by men. In particular it’s Stewart’s time to shine, often a one note performer, her cut loose and quippy take on the Sabina adds the perfect left field frivolity to elevate the kick factor one tick louder. Combined further with sharp writing and excellent timing from the rest of the ensemble, this no holds barred take on the Angels is a blast to watch from start to finish in a fully packed two hours. Buckle up buttercup, it’s worth the ride! Charlie’s Angels is rated PG-13.

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