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15th November
written by Adam

Dapper and deadly, con man Roy Courtnay (Ian McKellen) has his sights set on a new mark, wealthy widow Betty Macleish (Helen Mirren). But, in what should have been a simple swindle, it seems as though Roy’s luck may have run out, or perhaps he’s met his match? It’s a cat and mouse chase, but who’s the cat and who’s the mouse? Directed by Bill Condon and Written by Jeffery Hatcher and Nicholas Searle this showdown of two cinematic juggernauts oozes fun and dramatic danger, with just enough Mac the Knife edge spiced throughout. Albeit a particularly dark turn in the final act strikes a forced feel story wise, and, score from Carter Burwell stands out less inspired and instead as more of an exercise in pentatonic scales, ho hum. Still, for the dash in their eye, and the whip of their tongue it’s all about McKellen and Mirren, short comings are cast aside with spades of chemistry between the two leads, class is in session. The Good Liar is rated R.

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