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10th January
written by Adam

World War I, two British soldiers are tasked with a seemingly impossible mission: warn another company of 1,600 British soldiers deep in enemy territory that they’re about to walk into a deadly trap; racing against the clock, the two will face death at every turn to relay their message, but are they already too late? Directed by Sam Mendes and Written by Mendes and Krysty Wilson-Cairns this epic cinematic tale is an instant classic example of why big films need to be seen on big screens with big sound. Immersive, raw, beautifully conducted chaos, Mendes pairs massive set piece after massive set piece with equally quiet moments of near reflection to show the true cacophony of life at war. Meanwhile the heavy lifting by actors George MacKay and Dean-Charles Chapman delivers the horror and humanity in buckets while Cinematographer legend Roger Deakins captures every nuance in a seemingly real-time one take shot for the length of the entire film. Absolutely stunning and mesmerizing, not to be missed, 1917 is heavyweight cinema with all of its senses roaring! Running one tick shy of two hours, 1917 is Rated R.

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