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24th September
written by Adam

For those who’ve ever contemplated the interconnected nature of all things, the meaning of life, what it is to be sentient, or what is consciousness and how does one begin to explain it, Aware: Glimpses of Consciousness begins its roadshow in theaters this weekend with a mind set on exploring these very topics. Building on the knowledge bases of science, religion, holistics, psychedelics, and nature, Directors Eric Black and Frauke Sandig explore these big questions in careful methodical order, but, as any good student of philosophy knows, the answers to one question typically result in more questions. And, similar to works such as What the Bleep do We Know? (2004) and Tom Shadyac’s I Am (2010), the distillation of the living experience continues to be a fascinating exploration in a myriad of directions, seeding and feeding strong discussion and continued thought well after viewing. Worthy of your time, and something to keep an open mind for, this hour and forty two minute documentary may just make you a believer yet.

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