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22nd December
written by Adam

It’s been many years since Neo/Mr. Anderson (Keanu Reeves) broke out of life in the matrix and became “the one” who could bring down the system, challenge the man and free humanity from its enslavement to the machine. Now, questioning his memory and experiences with his analyst (Neil Patrick Harris) and his Boss (Jonathan Groff), it would seem Neo may be on the brink of another schism. Written and Directed by Lana Wachowski, this superfluous and boring dive down the rabbit hole of what once was makes for a narratively stale and regurgitated storyline, to the point the film actually acknowledges its own re-treading mid-script– eye rolling. Add in noticeably poor editing and distracting cinematography and you’re off to the races with two broken feet; drag that on for nearly two and a half hours and you’ve got yourself this latest installment in the Matrix, which unfortunately leaves too much ground to be made up with nostalgia and hot/cold acting from the ensemble. No apologies, this F graded flick does not meet the requirements for graduation. The Matrix Resurrections is rated R.

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