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24th December
written by Adam

Burned out in tinseltown, adult film star Mikey Saber (Simon Rex) returns to his small Texas hometown to re-group his energy, but as it turns out, nobody seems to want him around….except perhaps the young and impressionable Strawberry (Suzanna Son). Written by Sean Baker and Chris Bergoch and Directed by Baker, this beautiful train wreck of a story starts off with a sharp tongue, quick wit, honest acting and cringeworthy outcomes, a pace that’s hard to maintain the entire runtime of two hours and eight minutes, and, admittedly does run a bit gassed by it’s conclusion; however, there’s a lot to appreciate along the way in terms of heartfelt schadenfreude within a dark comedy of errors. And, while not as avant garde as say, Harmony Korine, Director Sean Baker definitely sits as a shelf mate, creating beauty from the appalling with an eye for color and a palate made of the modern-absurd. Looking to feel uncomfortable and laugh at the same time, this might just be your ticket. Red Rocket is rated R.

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