When Reggie the dog (Will Ferrell) is abandoned miles from home by his human, Doug (Will Forte), his desire to return home takes a dark turn with the enlightenment of a few new dog friends Bug, Maggie and Hunter (Jamie Foxx, Isla Fisher, Randall Park). But, when push comes to shove, will Reggie still have the taste for blood or will his domesticated instincts get the best of him? Written by Dan Perrault and Directed By Josh Greenbaum this derivative, and less than incredible journey home has a few moments of dog humor genius punctuated mercilessly with the same crude F-bomb punch line over and over for an hour and thirty three minutes. And, to be 100 percent clear, despite the apparent cuteness of talking dogs, in no way is this film fit for young audiences, stop do not pass go. And, while practically every modern day dog movie gets thrown under the Strays bus in some capacity, which has its moments of clever, the end result back to the same expletive laden conclusion brings up an empty well bucket by the film’s expected and semi ho hum end. Strays is rated R.