Beyond the Grave

Setting up for Spooky Season, what happens when we die is the thesis explored in Writer/Director Serena Dc’s latest documentary Beyond the Grave. Interviewing those who’ve had near death experiences, death doulas, cryogenic doctors, psychic mediums, and ghost hunters, the search for answers into the unknown continues and provides fodder for further discussion. A bit stilted stylistically in its story telling with some creative editing choices early on, Dc manages to ask a number of provocative and respectful questions of her subjects, and, maintains a curiosity of what we don’t know but can only speculate, which is ultimately the goal for any accomplished documentary maker. So, while the self narrated and scripted portions of the film might be better digested with the help of other voices and interview perspectives, the message is still interesting and Dc is setting up nicely to become a recognized voice in the world of the paranormal and unexplained phenomena. Running 90 minutes in length this exploration into death hits the mark as a conversation starter. Beyond the Grave is not rated and available on most streaming platforms.