A Haunting in Venice

Now several years after World War II master detective Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) is retired and living in Venice Italy. But, when friend and writer Ariadne Oliver (Tina Fey) shows up at his door with an invitation to a seance, Poirot finds himself back in the game sleuthing clues on a fresh murder. Of course, murder at a seance on Halloween can only mean one thing, ghosts. Now, sifting through clues may come with supernatural help. One thing is certain, the hand and mind of Poirot is sure and swift. Written by Michael Green based on the work of Agatha Christie and Directed by Kenneth Branagh, this third installment of the Hercule Poirot’s adventures comes as the most polished and concise in the bunch running an hour and forty three minutes of runtime. Cinematically rich with lush production design, Branagh and company have crafted a visually compelling whodunit with just enough element of spook to keep things interesting, although frustrating in that there’s no way for the audience to play along with the actual events as the final reveal is reliant on clues we’re not fully privy to, so it goes. Regardless, as we roll into fall and the veil grows thin this entertaining ride serves its purpose to welcome us in. A Haunting in Venice is rated PG-13.