The Creator

In the not too distant future the world is divided on the use of Artificial Intelligence. Now, in New Asia artificially intelligent robots and their creator, Nirmata, are hunted by the United States Military. But, when former soldier/undercover operative Joshua (John David Washington) discover the latest weapon against humanity comes in the form of a child, Alphie (Madeleine Yuna Voyles), his own attitude towards A.I. begins to shift. Could it be Alphie could truly bring peace between the waring factors, and if so, at what cost? Written by Gareth Edwards and Chris Weitz and Directed by Edwards this Sci-Fi spectacle offers remarkably stunning visuals and well thought out CGI reminiscent of Avatar, District 9, and Blade Runner with a thinly veiled storyline detailing current fears of A.I. development in the 21st century. Consistent in tone and tenor throughout, Edwards has crafted an impressive film that carries a significant amount of pedigree throughout the production crew drafting the cinematography talents of Greig Fraser (Dune, Rogue One, The Batman), score by Hans Zimmer (Dune, Dunkirk, Inception), and production design by James Clyne (Avatar, Star Trek), there’s no wonder as to why the film presents as polished as it is. However for all the shine and glitz, the importance of efficient screenwriting and editing has been lost amongst this bunch, running two hours and thirteen minutes the film could have been served with about twenty to thirty minutes less. Alas, as it is Act. III drags us across the expected finish line, beauty lacking grace. The Creator is rated PG-13.