Dicks: The Musical

When two successful business rivals, Craig and Trevor (Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson) discover they’re actually identical twins separated at birth, a parent trap plot unfolds to re-unite their folks (Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally). But, just how successful their re-union turns out hinges on multiple factors significantly out of their control, can/will love ever prevail?Dicks: The Musical Written by Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson and Directed by Larry Charles, this relatively one note comedy attempts to play on played out stereotypes and shock factor with a dash of screwball to mix things up in hopes of creating movie magic in a production that’s probably better left off Broadway. Mustering a few chuckles throughout, the duo certainly seems to be aiming for Matt Stone and Trey Parker territory, but fall far short of the end zone, even with their semi catchy tunes, perhaps most enjoyable are the two supporting females on the cast, Mullally and Megan Thee Stallion. Keep that brow low because we’re nowhere near the high brow side of life in this brief flick; running just 86 minutes this quick romp will probably be quickly forgotten. Dicks: The Musical is rated R.