When a Black Friday shopping spree turns into a deadly riot in Plymouth Massachusetts a deranged serial killer dressed as pilgrim John Carver is inspired to exact his revenge on the parties responsible. Now, Sheriff Newlon (Patrick Dempsey) will have his hands full as the mayhem begins, finding things to be thankful for will take extra effort this year. Written by Jeff Rendell and Eli Roth and Directed by Roth, this campy throwback grindhouse/slasher serves up the best jump scares and gore for the season and feels clearly inspired by 1980’s horror with a comedic edge. And, while the plot line is textbook, following all the expected rules of classic horror, Roth crafts a hilariously entertaining dark ride with the spirit and intent of its forefathers…Entertainment, laughs, splatters, and geysers of blood with a fast run time of one hour and 47 minutes that delivers the goods without the leftovers going bad. Fans of the genre will find plenty to sink their teeth into in this one, extra points for overall creativity, thematic execution, and ensemble performance, this is a diamond in the rough. Thanksgiving is rated R.