Author Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard) strikes gold with her fictitious book series on secret agents and spies; specifically agent Argylle (Henry Cavill), and his partner Wyatt (John Cena). But, when events in her real life start turning cloak and dagger along with the arrival of a stranger known as Aiden (Sam Rockwell), the lines of reality bend further. Now on the run from an evil crime syndicate Elly will have to trust her writer’s wit and Aiden’s hand to stay alive, but to what end? Written by Jason Fuchs and Directed by Matthew Vaughn this spy thriller for the 21st century sits nicely on the shelf next Vaughn’s previous works The King’s Man and Kick-Ass. Clearly no stranger to action, spy adventure, and light comedy, all with a creative panache and flair for exploding color by act III, this latest offering stays true to form, and, while not to be taken as a “serious” film, the technical execution involved to complete the multiple action set pieces within is in fact seriously impressive work. A wacky ensemble piece from start to finish, all of the players appear to be having a blast and chewing on the scenery in their own right and all working together just the same. And let’s be clear about this, this is a film that knows it’s place in the cinematic hierarchy, it’s not high drama, this is January escapism and meant for fun, although rolling in with a runtime of two hours and 19 minutes a bit more tightening of story could stand to reason. With expectations appropriately set, enjoy the laugh and simple ride, Argylle is rated PG-13.