Bob Marley: One Love

Growing up in Trenchtown Jamaica, Robert Nester Marley “Bob” (Kingsley Ben-Adir) along with his friends would rise to fame and legendary Reggae status in the 70’s amidst the political unrest of a country learning to stand on its own after British occupation, this is a brief look at that ascension. Written by Terence Winter, Frank Flowers, Zach Baylin and Reinaldo Marcus Green and Directed by Green this abbreviated look at Marley’s life plays out much like a Cliff’s Notes on the subject matter focusing largely on the recording and events surrounding Bob Marley & The Wailers’ album Exodus; perhaps the Sistine Chapel of his career. Sadly, the film speaks in broad strokes, which while stylistic, makes it hard for newcomers to the Rasta and Reggae world to fully absorb, understand, and digest all that’s happening on the screen. Meanwhile, it’s clear that all involved in the making of this film clearly worked with care, respect, and supervision of the Marley family to portray this brief glimpse, but unfortunately the failure to dig deeper into the ethos and motivations that helped to shape the man, his music, and the people of Jamaica leaves the end result a bit hollow. On the positive, definite marks go to art direction, music production, and acting chops, it’s too bad we don’t get more meat on the bone. Running one hour and 44 minutes Bob Marley: One Love is rated PG-13.