Monkey Man

An anonymous kid (Dev Patel) working in the underground fight club scene of India discovers his own inner power to exact retribution and vengeance against the corrupt political and religious leaders who murdered his mother when he was a young boy. Now, cheered on by the weak and powerless, Kid in fact re-enacts the Hindu tale of Hanuman a devoted companion to the deity Rama…fear his wrath. Written by Dev Patel, Paul Angunawela, John Collee, and Directed by Patel this polished action sits as an interesting amalgam of its predecessors, Fight Club, John Wick, Slumdog Millionaire, Snatch, and Unbreakable; drawing on the known characteristics of each to create this rock and roll assault of the senses. It would seem Patel is paying homage to his cinematic gods as he takes the reins in this directorial debut whilst also palatably weaving eastern philosophy into a tapestry for western audiences. Are molds, stereotypes, and caste systems broken by this film, absolutely not, but that’s not the point, the end result is a romping, stomping good time that has enough whimsy and blood spurting to keep ardent phlebotomists and spatter experts intrigued. It’ll be fun to see where Patel jumps to next as a director, he’s clearly been taking good notes so far. Running a little long at two hours and one minute, this adventure is rated R, for obvious reasons!