The Blue Angels

Director Paul Crowder takes the public behind the scenes, into the boardroom, and up to the skies for an in depth look at the operations, training, and performance of Navy and Marine’s elite flying team The Blue Angels. Examining the team and support staff’s constant aim and pursuit for perfection, this visually sharp piece serves to inform as much as entertain in its attempt to enlighten the viewer to the organization’s totality, its rich history, and how the Blue Angels are continuing to adapt and inspire new generations of pilots and aviation enthusiasts. And, while a case could be made to show how the entire film serves as recruitment piece for the U.S. Navy, there’s also a balance of material showing the dangers, physical rigor, and mental challenges that serve to illustrate beyond the basics of six pilots flying in really fast jets. As it turns out, in fact, the jets are really just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. And, backed by some of Hollywood’s biggest names, Producer J.J. Abrams, Executive Music Director Hans Zimmer, and Arial Director of Photography Michael FitzMaurice, the film comes with a degree of polish that should be experienced in IMAX for the full intended effect. Running just over 90 minutes, this flight exercise is sufficiently timed, if anything even just a shade long, but who’s counting? As we near Memorial Day Weekend, this is one way to reflect on the armed services in a lighter manner. The Blue Angels is rated G.