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30th July
written by Adam

The ongoing battle for human affection and dominance in the animal kingdom between cats and dogs is suspended as two canine secret agents: a rookie named Diggs (James Marsden), a K-9 German Shepherd, and old salt Butch (Nick Nolte), a golden lab, learn of a wicked plot to turn dogs against their humans and enslave humans to cats. Behind the evil plan is Kitty
Galore (Bette Midler), a former feline agent gone rogue with a score to settle. Before long, the two hounds are matched with a guile and agile feline agent named Catherine (Christina Applegate) and Seamus the pigeon (Katt Williams). But firepower and all, can the two species learn to put aside their differences and stop Kitty?┬áDesigned with kids in mind, but with plenty of subtle adult nods to spy film and detective cinema Cats and Dogs certainly gets a few points for cleverness; however, the overall laughs are sparse and performances rather hit and miss from what could otherwise be a strong cast. A cookie cutter screenplay doesn’t help the case for this film much either. Bottom line, despite it’s cute factor and occasional wit, this is a rental for younger audiences, I really can’t see adults finding much sustenance here. Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore is rated PG.

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