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27th August
written by Adam

A documentary film crew following Rev. Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) gets more than they bargained for when they set up camp to watch the “exorcism” of a young girl named Nell (Ashley Bell). The real purpose of the documentary is to show how charlatans and fakes work to perform exorcisms and bilk hard earned cash from people who want to believe. The rub is that Cotton actually comes from a long line of real exorcists, and despite his lack of faith, apparently he and the film crew have stumbled into a legitimate demonic possession. Now it’s up to Cotton and the film crew to see if they can actually perform a real exorcism; of course, when you take on true evil you’d better be prepared to give all, but just how far will they go?¬†Points for creativity and believability in this mocumentary of sorts. The chemistry between Fabian and “documentarian” Iris Bahr comes across as genuine with enough wit and cynicism to lull the audience right into actually caring about the characters. Furthermore, good ole’ scare tactics in cinematography still prove to be effective with a minimal leaning on CGI to put the spook in spooky– proving once again it’s not always what you see but rather what you don’t see that can be the scariest of all. And, up until the very ending, the film certainly succeeds in pulling you along for the roller coaster ride forcing the audience to keep guessing what’s really going on. Unfortunately, for such a sweet build up the ending does leave the viewer feeling a little let down but this almost doesn’t matter since the first 7/8ths of the film work so nicely. Worth a matinee and worth seeing in a group to get the full group scare effect. The Last Exorcism is rated PG-13.

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