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3rd September
written by Adam

Record label A&R rep Garrett (Justin Long) is a 30 something guy, unwilling to commit to a relationship and open his heart, destined to fail with the ladies. Erin (Drew Barrymore) is an aspiring news writer looking to finish college and land a job with a major newspaper. When the two meet on a fluke, a one night stand becomes an intense relationship that neither saw coming. When their 6 week fling comes to a close and Erin moves across the country to finish school the two attempt to maintain a long distance relationship. But does the couple have what it takes to stay strong or will their careers and other distractions be their coffin nails?
Sharp writing and improv skills from the ensemble make this film a fast tongued and quick witted comedy that also happens to be a love story of sorts. And, given that in real life Long and Barrymore have been a couple on and off for some time, the film feels even more genuine. Several memorable moments also come to mind from supporting actors Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis who play Long’s roommates in New York, again success in the oddball comedy bits. Yet, before I go into a complete lovefest for this one, let me be quick to point out there’s still the irksome factor that we’re not exactly seeing a new story idea here. In fact, the film is predictable from the get go and does walk the line of becoming a stereotypical romantic comedy, the saving grace though is the honesty and edgier brand of humor without which the film this might not work. Matinee worthy and not embarrassing for the dudes out there to take their ladies on a date. Going The Distance is rated R.

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