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6th May
written by Adam

Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton) is an up and coming woman from Martha’s Vineyard, the love of her life, Jason (Laz Alonso), is and up and comer from Brooklyn. When the two rush to get married the fireworks begin to fly as in-laws sniff each other out and assert their family values on the happy couple to be. As life happens and stress mounts Sabrina and Jason are challenged and tested, can their love prevail or will their differences prove to be too great, and, who wants to do the Cupid Shuffle? So basically we’re talking country mouse city mouse with a wedding and wild relatives, not exactly a fresh idea or screenplay. However, I’ve neglected to mention the film centers around two African-American couples and families, and therein lies the twist– and what makes this film fun. Gently poking fun at family traditions within the culture the screenplay adds a flavour that proves either humorous, educational, and sometimes both depending on your life experiences. However, there’s also a bit of preachyness to the film’s guts that sometimes comes across a little cringe worthy. All and all the film shakes out as a mediocre romantic comedy, it’s fun, but I’m thinking more matinee/rental here. Jumping the Broom is rated PG-13.

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