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20th November
written by Adam

Bella (Kristen Stewart), a High school junior from Phoenix AZ is forced to leave the big city and live with her mostly absent father in the tiny town of Forks WA. Shortly after the move Bella befriends the Cullen family kids, in particular the dreamy Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). But there’s more to the Cullen family than meets the eye, they’re friendly vampires. But being friends with the Cullen family could prove to be deadly as a darker brood of vampires moves on the scene threatening all. Adapted for screen from the wildly popular book series there’s a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the film falls far short from what could be great. Half baked dialogue, poor special FX, and downright horrible action sequences lend to the low budget look and feel. The score also does little to help the film in it’s overall presentation. Perhaps worth a rental at a later date to see what all the fuss is about. Twilight is rated PG-13.

In Disney’s latest animated feature Bolt, a delusional Hollywood stunt dog who thinks he actually has super powers escapes from his trailer and sound stage in an effort to save his owner Penny. But oops, through a series of unfortunate events Bolt ends up getting shipped across the country instead. Determined to help Penny, Bolt forms an unlikely posse to travel the country and get back to the girl he cares about, but will he get back to Hollywood in time? John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, Mark Walton and a host of others lend their voices to bring the characters in this film to life. Sadly, the lead, Bolt, just isn’t that interesting and the overall film doesn’t really seem to pack a huge comedic punch. A decent enough story keeps things mildly entertaining that kids will enjoy more than parents. Maybe a matinee for the kids. Also note some screens are in 3D. Bolt is rated PG.

Slumdog Millionaire
Jamal Malik, an 18 year old boy from the slums of Mumbai India has found his way onto India’s version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. He’s made it to the last question of the game and is suspected of cheating. When the show taping breaks for the night Jamal is abducted by the local police, beaten, and interrogated as to how he knew all the answers. Truth be told, Jamal is innocent and learned the answers to each of the questions through pivotal experiences in his upbringing. The film then focuses on the telling of these tales which also sheds light on some of the darkest points of Mumbai’s seediest slums all the while a love story for the ages unfolds. Brilliant in its ability to pull the viewer in, director Danny Boyle has struck gold with this modern day fairy tale that will not disappoint. Creativity abounds as well in the cinematography as Boyle and his team manage to catch the energy, the spirit, and the magnitude of the silent unspoken character– the culture in Mumbai. This is one film not to be missed, Heartwarming as much as it is eye opening. Slumdog Millionaire is rated R.

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