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18th September
written by Adam

Lakeview Terrace
A mixed race couple (Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington) moves into an upscale California neighborhood. All appears fine until neighbor and police officer Abel Turner (Samuel L. Jackson) begins making life difficult for the new homeowners. Racial tensions and tempers flair as Abel increases the pressure; meanwhile, wildfires of California rage closer and closer to the neighborhood, providing a blunt metaphor to life in L.A.. Initially excellent acting and good narrative make this film interesting; unfortunately, all is lost with what feels like a cheap Hollywood ending that spoils what could have been a poignant and satirical character study with real feeling. Maybe a rental at a later date. Lakeview Terrace is rated R.

Ghost Town
After a near death experience Dr. Bertram Pincus (Ricky Gervais), a dentist who hates people, begins to see the spirits of dead people stuck in the afterlife. When a newer spirit (Greg Kinnear) engages Pincus, the two teach each other about their own short commings in what ultimately becomes a story about love and redemption. A  well written script and brilliant witty humor keeps this film entertaining and interesting. In particular Gervais’ brand of self deprecating and embarrassing comedy makes this supernatural comedy feel more real and believable. Worthy of at least a matinee or rental. Ghost Town is rated PG-13.

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