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13th November
written by Adam

Quantum of Solace
Daniel Craig is back as James Bond in the latest installment of the recently re-booted Bond Franchise. Continuing the story line of the previous film “Casino Royal,” Bond is out for revenge on the death of his love; but, to do so will mean taking out an environmental group with evil ulterior motives, and blowing open a secret syndicate of powerful investors with even darker plans. Great action, and intense chase scenes grab you from the get go in this non-stop and action packed blockbuster. Meanwhile, continuing to defy the old standards of Bond, gone are the old catch phrases, and implausible gadgets; and, in their place is grit, blood, and an attempt at emotion. Unfortunately, that attempt at emotion comes across flat and leaves something to be desired. All in stride, Bond fans will still find plenty to sink their teeth into. Worth seeing on the big screen. Quantum of Solace is Rated PG-13.

Let The Right One In
From Sweden comes the tale of Oskar, a 12 year old boy bullied by his classmates and lacking a friend, until he meets Eli. Eli is an odd girl, but seems nice enough. The two develop a friendship, which turns into love, which then exposes Eli for what she truly is, a vampire– and that’s just the beginning. Fantastic in it’s story, shot composition, special effects, and acting. And, told from a new unique perspective this film is oddly plausible, and memorable. Being that the film is foreign and that subtitles are involved the overall feel is sometimes slow; but, the payoff is huge and totally worth it. Vampire fans, this is a must see! Let The Right One In is Rated R.

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