Jan 29 2009

Movies for this week

Former ex-CIA agent Bryan (Liam Neeson) is forced to use his talents and skills as an agent to recover his daughter (Maggie Grace) when she is kidnapped in Paris. But can Bryan save his daughter before she’s sold to human trafficking/sex-traffickers? Not exactly the most plausible spy-hunter shoot em up script, but perhaps worthy of a matinee if you’re looking for an action adventure film with cheap thrills. Taken is rated PG-13.

The Uninvited
After spending months in a mental hospital Anna (Emily Browning) is sent home to live with her father (David Strathairn) and his new girlfriend Rachael (Elizabeth Banks). Unfortunately, once home, a dark force begins to haunt Anna. Perhaps a warning from the other side? And who really killed Anna’s terminally ill mother? A semi clever twisting plot makes this film interesting for about the first half; unfortunately, as pieces start to come together the film starts to fall apart. A few good scares initially but probably not as good as the film’s original Asian script. The Uninvited is rated PG-13.

New In Town
Lucy Hill (Renee Zellweger) is an executive for a sports food company. In order to climb the corporate ladder Lucy takes on the job of cutting half of the jobs in a production plant located in a small Minnesota town. Enter the dreamy union leader Ted (Harry Connick Jr.). As luck would have it Lucy and Ted can’t stand each other, but somehow opposites seem to  attract as the two work together. Ultimately the plant is shut down, but can Lucy come up with a plan to save the plant and the jobs? Totally predictable, totally one dimensional, and in fact it’s almost a little painful to watch. If you’re really hard up for a throw away romantic comedy, this might be your ticket. Otherwise, wait for the DVD on this one. New In Town is rated PG.

Jan 22 2009

Movies for this week

Every time Mo “Silvertongue” Folchart  (Brendan Faser) reads a story out loud, a character from the story magically enters our world. And, in exchange, something from our world must enter the book in return. This becomes a problem as Mo loses his beloved wife Resa (Sienna Guillory) into a book called Inkheart. Meanwhile, the scoundrels and villains of Inkheart are let loose upon earth. But to stop the villains, reunite his family, and restore balance to the world will require the of his daughter Meggie (Eliza Bennett) and the magical Dustfinger (Paul Bettany). Cinematically fun and interesting concept help this tide over for Harry Potter fans. Unfortunately, the script is a bit convoluted and inefficient; but, for those in need of a fairy tale and fantasy fix, this might just do the trick. Inkheart is rated PG.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.
The third installment of the vampires versus werewolf tale continues to explain the centuries-old spat between the two races. This time the Lycans, former slaves, rise up against the aristocratic vampires, but who will survive? Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is rated R.

Jan 15 2009

Movies for this week

The life story of Notorious B.I.G., Christopher Wallace (Jamal Woolard) comes to life on the silver screen. From Wallace’s roots in Brooklyn as a street hustler to his rise as one of the mid 90’s biggest Rap artists, and ultimately to his untimely demise, the film works to tell this unconventional underdog story. Maybe worthy of a rental at a later date. Notorious is rated R.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Paul Blart (Kevin James), father of one, is a lonely mall security officer looking for his place in the world. But, despite the fact that life seems to have dealt him a bad hand, Paul gets his opportunity to shine as a group of thugs attempt take over his mall and get away with high tech robbery and kidnapping. A mind numbing script, way over acted, overall predictable and corny. Perhaps worthy of a rental at a later date when you’re absolutely desperate for extra noise in your life. Paul Blart: Mall Cop is rated PG.

Hotel for Dogs
Bruce (Jake T. Austin) and Andi (Emma Roberts) are an adopted brother and sister with a dog named Friday.  When their new guardian forbids them from having a dog, the kids need to find a safe alternative for their dog. When the two come across an abandoned hotel, a new home for Friday seems found. Unfortunately one dog becomes many, chaos ensues. And, what to do with all these dogs? Don Cheadle, Lisa Kudrow, and Kevin Dillon lend their talents to this kid oriented film. And make no mistake, this is a kid oriented film, parents you know the drill, brace yourself. Hotel for Dogs is rated PG.