Mar 26 2009

Movies for this week

Monsters vs. Aliens
Animated wackiness and fun is the name of the game in this one. Susan Murphy (Reese Witherspoon) is set to marry her fiancee Derek Dietl (Paul Rudd) until a meteor from another galaxy crashes to earth which turns Susan into a giant. Before long the government captures Susan and imprisons her with several other unlikely monsters/creatures of science, Dr. Cockroach (Hugh Laurie) and B.O.B. (Seth Rogen) to name a few. The future looks grim, until alien forces descend upon earth which prompts the government to call upon the services of the monsters. Funny on multiple levels that parents and kids will both appreciate and an all star cast of voices lend a lot to making this film a success. Solid animation seems crisp, and in some theatres the film is available in 3D. A great option for the family this weekend. Monsters vs. Aliens is rated PG.

The Haunting in Connecticut
Based on actual events, this ghostly and ghastly tale documents the happenings one family experienced upon moving into an old historic mansion with a grim past. Once a funeral home and base of operations for seances of epic proportions the house still has echoes of its lurid past. But how will the family manage? And, can the house be put to rest? Running only 92 minutes in length this roller coaster of scares accomplishes what it sets out to do, startles and shrieks are plentiful. If you’re up for a fright, this film is for you. The Haunting in Connecticut is rated R.

Mar 19 2009

Movies for this week

When two spies, Ray (Clive Owen) and Claire (Julia Roberts) fall in love, the desire to settle down comes home. So, in order to retire, the two plot a con to make millions by stealing a beauty aid being developed and fought over by two rival companies. But, will their love survive the task and will the two be able to pull off the con? Gimmicky in it’s construction, creative editing keeps things interesting; otherwise, this mild love story might be a little drab. Decent acting helps as well; although, neither lead really seems challenged by their roles. Perhaps worthy of a matinee. Duplicity is rated PG-13.

I Love You Man
When real-estate agent/developer Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) proposes to his girlfriend (Rashida Jones), he soon realizes that he doesn’t have any close male friends to fill out the wedding party. That is until he meets Sydney Fife (Jason Segel), a loveable, wacky, Peter Pan-esque influence. But, how will Sydney’s friendship impact Peter’s relationship with his fiancee? This well written, light hearted comedy actually succeeds where many recent comedies have failed. Albeit, occasionally a little juvenile, the film still feels genuine and somewhat thoughtful. A fun date movie. I Love You Man is rated R.

Sunshine Cleaning
When Rose Lorkowski (Amy Adams) is faced with having to put her son in private school, money becomes a big concern. To pay the bills Rose goes into business with her sister Norah (Emily Blunt) as biohazard removal/crime scene cleaners. The work is good, but, life happens and learning to sacrifice wants and needs makes for troubled times. A simple but quirky story makes for an enjoyable ride. And, while the film doesn’t break ground in any really shocking form, it still provides a satisfying arc that feels honest and believable. Also, a fun date movie. Sunshine Cleaning is rated R.

The Great Buck Howard
Buck Howard (John Malkovich) is a mentalist with a wicked and driving personality in need of a personal assistant. Troy Gabel (Colin Hanks) is a law school dropout looking for something greater in life. When Troy becomes Buck’s assistant, lessons only the road, and a narcissistic boss can teach you become the name of the game as Buck’s career appears to be waning. Great acting as one would expect from Malkovich makes for interesting viewing. Meanwhile, the off beat nature of the film lends to a fun independent feel. Worthy of a matinee. The Great Buck Howard is rated PG.

Mar 12 2009

Movies for this week

Race to Witch Mountain
In an attempt to tap into a new audience with an updated script Disney offers this latest remake on the classic tale of two kids with paranormal powers, running from an organization that wants to harness their powers for evil. But will the kids make it to refuge at Witch Mountain, and just how will their chaperone Jack (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) help or hurt their plight? Maybe one for the kids, but mom and dad will probably feel a little anemic in the entertainment department. Race to Witch Mountain is rated PG.

The Last House on the Left
A remake of the classic Wes Craven film of the same name. When several criminals on the lamb from the law show up on the doorstep of John (Tony Goldwyn) and Emma (Monica Potter) Collingwood in need of help, what they don’t know is that John and Emma are the parents of Mari (Sara Paxton). Mari coincidentally happens to be the same girl the same criminals recently kidnaped, raped, tortured, and left for dead. When John and Emma figure out what the criminals are up to, a lethal game of cat and mouse is afoot, but who will make it out alive? Ultimately, a film in dire need of better editing, and sorely lacking in the character development sector, this film feels about 40 minutes too long and is probably best just skipping altogether. The Last House on the Left is rated R…..Surprise!

Miss March
Brace yourself for juvenile humor in this buddy road trip tale. When Eugene (Zach Cregger) wakes from a coma, he finds out that his once virginal and pure girlfriend is now Miss March for Playboy Magazine. So, in an effort to win back the love of his life, Eugene teams up with his pal Tucker (Trevor Moore), the two hit the road and chaos ensues, all in the name of love…or perhaps lust. Maybe a rental when you’re feeling like you need to lose a few extra brain cells. Miss March is rated R.