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11th August
written by Adam

Wyoming Fish and Game Warden Corey Lambert (Jeremy Renner) finds himself in the hunt for whoever is responsible for the mysterious death of a young Native American girl. Paired up with green horn FBI agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen) the two have what might be an impossible task in front of them; especially considering how quickly mother nature can erase evidence and the distinct lack of firepower with the tribal police. Only the strong will survive this game of cat and mouse, will Corey and Jane have the fortitude to see their mission to the end? Written and Directed by Taylor Sheridan this dark and mysterious drama coupled with a haunting score by the hands of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis has the pedigree and markings of a well thought out piece, full of heavy heart and ripe with suspense. While not a stretch for Renner, Olsen manages to craft a believable character from what could easily go off the rails and make for a cheaper, easier out. And, while Wind River does follow a pattern/formula for Sheridan drawing many similarities to Sicario and Hell or High Water there still manages to be enough new and unexplored territory to keep things interesting and without overstaying its welcome. Worth your time, Wind River is rated R.

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