Nov 3 2017


Separated by 50 years a young boy from the midwest (Oakes Fegley) finds his way to New York much like a young girl named Rose (Millicent Simmonds/Julianne Moore), both in search of love, understanding, and feeling like they belong, the two in fact have more in common than expected. Written by Brian Selznick and directed by Todd Haynes this cross generational tale of wanderlust and search for one’s soul and family puts forward some of the strongest art direction and production design for 2017 but comes up shy in delivery from the ensemble. A number of questionable edits throughout also raises debate over which screen this film is truly designed for, the theatre or the home? The film’s overall slower pace may also be a bit much for audiences expecting something with a bit more wonder to strike. Perhaps best considered a rental later, Wonderstruck is rated PG.