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26th January
written by Adam

Having escaped a deadly maze designed to test and train the youth of the world, young Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and crew are tasked with infiltrating the last known functioning city on the planet in order to rescue their friend Minho (Ki Hong Lee) and possibly put an end to the evil syndicate known as WCKD. But, once inside the city, new discoveries and revelations will lead to new questions about the true order of the world, might there still be hope for humanity and what will that mean for Ava Paige (Patricia Clarkson), the leader of WCKD? Directed by Wes Ball and based on the Young Adult novels of James Dashner, this conclusion to the series manages to shoehorn in an overabundance of plot points into the already lengthy two hour and twenty two minute screenplay, a move that ultimately creates unnecessary bloat and doesn’t necessarily make for a better film– just a longer one. And, while all parts of the production feel adequate and up to snuff the end result is still equally forgettable even despite a series of wildly drawn out action sequences, which in fairness are pretty impressive but get lost in the shuffling madness. Passable enough for a matinee for those glued to the series but really more of a rental, bring on the next Young Adult pulp, we could go for something fresh. Maze Runner: The Death Cure is rated PG-13.

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